The 5 best ways to use iCAN to achieve your goals

When our team started to work on iCAN app our objective was to create the ultimate place for you to focus on achieving your most important personal and professional goals. The app is been designed to allow you to closely track your progress and increase your chances of reaching goals by making the process clearer, simpler and customisable to your needs. But in order to get the most out of your iCAN app, you’re going to need to understand how best to use it.

So, here are the 5 best ways to use iCAN to achieve your goals:

1. Get really specific with your goals

The design of iCAN leaves no stone left unturned, our aim is to capture all the most important elements of goal setting. The goal cards take inspiration from the simplicity of goal planning with paper notes, however, being an app we are able to neatly embed best practice goal achievement techniques. Even if you already know the best practices, iCAN allows you to actually implement them! The format of the cards allow you to align your goals with your values, set target dates, add vivid pictures for visual motivation and customise the challenges and steps. When it comes to goal achievement, there is no better place than iCAN!

2. Tap into experts knowledge using Templates

Each iCAN goal template was prepared by experts of their respective field and by choosing to create your goals from templates you gain instant access to well researched and proven processes that will boost your likelihood of success. But templates are only the starting point because you can edit and customise challenges and steps to make your goals unique and personal.

3. Stay inspired with iCAN Sparks

Each iCAN goal template is truly ‘Live’, meaning that you will receive regular ‘Sparks’, – inspiring tips and stories related to your goals, which have been carefully selected from around the web to keep you motivated. Not a fan of using templates? No worries, you will still receive occasional ’Sparks’ related to your values.

4. Integrate your goal cards to your own personal calendar

Through extensive user feedback and our own personal experience, we recognise that many of us struggle to integrate our goals into our daily routines. No one can find time to work on their goals! So, we made it possible to book specific time slots to work on your goals and to sync those to your calendar. In this way we are making achievement of your biggest goals part of your daily routine.

5. Track your personal effectiveness & growth using the iCAN Dashboard

It is often difficult for us to stay disciplined and focused on achieving our biggest and most important goals. iCAN has dealt with the issue of lack of motivation through use of the iCAN Progress Dashboard. The dashboard helps you maintain steady progress each month towards achieving your goals. You can even to challenge yourself to accelerate by scoring more iCAN points than in the previous month. Head to the Dashboard and tap on ‘i’ icon to get extra tips.

So, those are the 5 best ways iCAN can help you to achieve your goals. Used in combination, these elements form a powerful framework for goal attainment. Which means you achieve your goals quicker and are able to move on to bigger and better things.

Let us know about all the goals you achieve using iCAN! We are super open to your feedback, which may be of use to others in the forum or it can be considered as part of future releases. Reach out, by sending us a message within the app, or email to

We look forward to hearing of your success and our best wishes for a successful journey!

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