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We know that big goals can seem daunting and unattainable. We can help!

Step 1: Reboot yourself
Get your mindset and values aligned

Begin your iCAN journey by establishing what motivates you and what areas of live you strive to improve.

Step 2: Visualise your goals
Achieve a mental image of your success

Create a measurable end-point that creates a tangible frame for you to picture yourself in.

Step 3: Acknowledge the challenges
Yield to the fact that it won't be easy

Accept the premise that with a great plan comes great challenges. Get moving and stop worrying!

Step 4: Establish a path
Put your mind at ease by breaking down complex tasks to be solved

Create a shareable timeline that you or a friend can use to keep you accountable for your actions and progress.

Step 5: Execute the steps
It's all in the execution

No matter how inspired you are, the final product of life is the result of your actions. Use this material to shape your actions.

Step 6: Celebrate your success
We're pretty proud of our app too!

Enjoy the fruits of your labour and start thinking about the next goal to achieve…

Achieve your goals
No matter how daunting they may seem
Create custom steps
To take you where you want to be
Earn iCAN points
As you progress


  • Clean and Friendly Dashboard

    Enjoy having a clean dashboard that tells you everything you need to know. We’ll even notify you if your goals have been stagnating for a while.

  • Calendar Synchronisation

    Let iCAN be a regular part of your day with our unique calendar integration. The key to success when it comes to goals is to complete small steps often, we’ll cheer you on!

  • Themed Templates

    Let each of your goals have customised photo labels that remind you of your challenges or end-goal. It’s all in the mind!

Coming in February 2017

It's gonna be huge.

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